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child custody in divorce in atlanta

Child Custody in a Divorce in Atlanta

In the process of a divorce, one of the most delicate and sensitive aspects is determining child custody. It is crucial to be informed and adequately prepared for this process. Below, we will guide you through the types of custody and provide you with some practical tips on how to prepare to face this challenge with confidence. Additionally, we will address common questions that arise in custody cases in Atlanta and guide you on how to seek the counsel of a specialized attorney.

Types of Child Custody in Atlanta

Most custody cases are resolved through mutual agreement between parents, but in some cases, negotiation is not reached, and that’s when the intervention of a custody attorney becomes necessary. At Pineres Law, we prioritize the well-being of children and parental rights.

There are different types of custody, all aimed at the benefit of both parties:

  1. Legal Custody: legal custody grants one parent the authority to make important decisions about the child’s life, such as education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, and religion. It is essential to demonstrate to the court that you are capable and willing to make decisions that ensure the child’s well-being.
  2. Physical Custody: physical custody determines with whom the child will primarily reside. It is important to present strong arguments that support your ability to provide a safe and stable environment for the child.
  3. Shared Custody: in some cases, the court may opt for shared custody, where both parents share the responsibility of caring for the child. You must demonstrate your ability to collaborate effectively with the other parent for the benefit of the child.

How to Prepare for a Custody Process in Atlanta

The judge will consider various factors when determining custody, so it’s crucial to be prepared for that moment and consider the following factors:


  1. Prepare Custody Documentation: gather all relevant documentation that supports your capacity as a parent. This may include school records, medical reports, proof of extracurricular activities, and any other evidence demonstrating your commitment and ability to care for the child.
  2. Testimonials: it is fundamental to collect testimonials from individuals who can attest to your ability as a parent. These could be teachers, doctors, coaches, or anyone else who has had significant interactions with the child and can testify to your dedication and competence as a parent.
  3. Specialized Attorney: having an attorney specialized in child custody cases in divorce in Atlanta is crucial. An expert in the field can advise you on the most effective strategy and help you present your case accurately.
child custody in atlanta

Addressing Common Questions about Child custody in divorce Atlanta

At what age can my child decide with whom to live?

In Atlanta, from the age of 14, a child has the right to decide with whom they want to live, unless the judge determines it is not in the child’s best interest. If the custody order was made before the child turned 14, it may be possible to modify it based on the child’s wishes.

Can an existing custody order be changed?

Yes, it is possible to request a modification of a custody order if there are substantial circumstances that justify it.

If I am moving to another state, how do I transfer my custody case?

It is possible to transfer a custody case to another state, but you may need court permission. To do so, it is essential to consult with an attorney knowledgeable about parental abduction and relocation laws in your state to ensure that your custody transfer request complies with established laws.

If one of the parents has committed domestic violence, can they seek custody or visitation rights?

Domestic violence can significantly impact custody decisions. It will be evaluated based on the child’s best interests and the safety of all parties involved. However, a judge may grant visitation rights under certain conditions, such as visits taking place in a safe and supervised location, the abuser completing a domestic violence intervention program, refraining from alcohol 24 hours before and during visits, not allowing overnight stays, and other recommendations the judge deems necessary for the child’s safety and the victim’s protection.

Seek Legal Counsel with an Expert Custody Attorney in Atlanta Today

Facing a child custody process in divorce is both an emotional and legal challenge, but with proper preparation and guidance from an expert attorney, you can increase your chances of achieving the outcome that best benefits your child. Remember that the best interests of the child should always be the primary consideration in this process. Do not hesitate to seek the support and advice you need to overcome this challenge in the best possible way!

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