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Custody Lawyers in Atlanta

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In the event that children are involved, the subsequent issues are even more complex as child support and custody issues come to the fore. For this reason, you need an experienced family law attorney with experience in child custody matters to help you navigate the complexities of this delicate area of ​​family law.

Caroline Pineres

At the Law Office of Caroline Pineres, we routinely represent mothers and fathers in disputes involving child custody, parenting time, assignment of parental responsibilities, paternity, and child support. Our priority is to help you resolve your custody dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible given your current circumstances while vigorously advocating for the best interests of you and your children.

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Custody Attorneys in Atlanta

At the Carolina Pineres Law Office, our custody attorneys are experts in resolving child custody, visitation, and parenting plan issues. If you are in a complex custody process with your ex-partner, here we help you receive an agreement that benefits the interests of your children.  

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