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If your ex-partner's obligations are not being fulfilled, we will help you get them fulfilled.
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Court orders must be complied with, especially if they affect your children

All legal agreements entered into and ordered at the time of separation must be complied with. The father or mother is responsible for ensuring the well-being of their children.  If there is no request for modification, there is no room for orders not to be followed. If your ex partner is not fulfilling their obligations, you have the right to file a lawsuit.  Having an expert family law attorney is vital to making your case successful and demanding what your family truly deserves. 

Caroline Pineres

At the Law Office of Caroline Pineres, we fight to protect the interests of your family. That is why our expert lawyers will advise you throughout the procedure, help you collect the necessary evidence and create chaos to demand compliance with your ex-partner’s orders

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Trust your case to our expert Georgia family law attorneys and together we will achieve the best resolution for your family. 

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