Abogados expertos en derecho de familia en Atlanta

Nuestra prioridad siempre será ofrecerle la mejor resolución a sus problemas legales.

Nuestros servicios en derecho de familia

Sabemos que los asuntos familiares pueden ser difíciles y emocionales, y estamos aquí para brindarte la asesoría legal que necesitas para enfrentar cualquier situación. Nos hemos especializado en diferentes disciplinas del derecho de familia en Atlanta, para ofrecerte la mejor defensa legal y así proteger el bienestar de tus seres queridos.

Divorce and Separation

Regardless of the modality, we are ready to represent you and give you the best resolution to your divorce process.

Child custody

We help you negotiate custody and visitation agreements to meet your needs.

Child support

We help you set up child support agreements to make sure your children are well cared for.

Division of ownership

We help you divide the assets and property acquired during the marriage in a fair and equitable manner.

Legitimation Lawyers

If you are interested in acquiring custody of children born out of wedlock, we can advise you.

Post-judgment modifications

We will work with you to get a resolution that fits your current situation.


There are cases in which it may be necessary to establish paternity. We accompany you in this process.


If your ex-partner's obligations are not being fulfilled, we will help you get them fulfilled.


We will help you seek to modify the court's ruling if your case warrants it.

Domestic violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, we provide you with the support you need to protect yourself and

Custody for grandparents or significant others

If necessary, custody of the children may be established for the grandparents or a person close to them.